Alarm sounds files

found one here:!topic/sleep-as-an-droid/ymziRi01a3E

but i want them all!

i don’t use alarms or sleep tracking anymore. in fact, i’ve stopped using alarms years ago… and the app i’ve uninstalled since i’ve moved to Tamera, because of battery issues. it was the only app i’ve removed, i was not using it already, and battery life went up drastically.

you’ll probably be interested in that story and i can share more later, in a new topic or something, but my point here is just that i still love the app and i love to showcase the alarm sounds to friends! and i need them offline due to internet slowness issues where i’ve been living (mostly in green areas/wood and all that).

can you (someone there) help with this?

and (in yet another topic) if so, can you also please notify me on telegram or something? it’ll probably take me a long time before i can find your answer here. email notifications are sadly messy and don’t get much of my attention, usually. (i might try to warn Jeff, but that’s another long story starting with tge the daily wtf).