Alarm/snore doesn't vibrate on Garmin watch

Detailed description of the problem:
Garmin watch doesn’t vibrate for alarm or snore-detection.

Steps to reproduce:
If I disable wearable support, my alarm and vibrate for snore detection works as intended, but if I enable wearable support for my Garmin Vivoactive 3 the watch will not vibrate for either alarm or snore detection. The alarm still sounds on the phone but the phone no longer vibrates. The sleep tracking screen shows “garmin connected”. The watch appears to be running Sleep normally, showing the time and tracking, etc.

Version of Sleep as Android:
latest from play store on a Pixel 4 as of 12/4/2019.

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Same problem here
On the phone I selected a Garmin device on Sleep as Android.
I installed the accompanying Sleep app on my watch (Venu 2, FW 5.33). I can start and stop tracking however I think the app is buggy since no movement is tracked at all… I then proceeded to sideload an old Sleep app onto my watch as described here:

I used this version venu-3.2.0

Now the tracking picks up movements, however my watch wont vibrate when the alarm starts. I also made checked the settings in the phone app to make sure that the delay between alarm and vibration is zero…
I assume the new firmware broke the app? Can I find the source code somewhere and try to fix it myself?

Typical case of a dumb end user… I figured out I need to start tracking on the watch via the Sleep watch-app so that there is a connection between the phone app and the watch app. Only then the phone alarm will trigger the vibration on the watch…