Alarm - select multiple dates


this is the best alarm app hands down.

I have seen many similar requests. Also I made one before but still nothing :frowning:

Pretty simple… select an alarm and set it to repeat on multiple random selected days of the month.

Check the attached image for reference.

@HappyHippo many thanks, can you please explain the use-case a bit more, is this some kind of a compltely irregular shift? In there any interval in which the pattern can be repeated?

Hello Petr,

here is pretty much my work schedule for April… as you can see usually the only pattern is that after the day shift the next day I work the night shift but that is not always the case…

I get the next month schedule at the end of the month so it would be awesome to select the dates for each alarm and forget it :wink:

I hope you understand and it gets added. Fingers crossed :slight_smile: