Alarm only vibrates twice on Galaxy watch active

Hello guys,

I’ve being setting the alarm to vibrate only on my galaxy watch without any sound so I don’t wake up my girlfriend. That’s the main reason why I’m using the app. It works just fine when I use sleeping tracking, but it ends up draining too much of my battery and I don’t have time to charge the phone before going to the office.
So my option is to only set an alarm without the sleeping tracking. But when I do so, the alarm only vibrates twice on my wrist. What I noticed is that the alarm is still displayed on the phone although there’s no vibration on the watch and that if I press one of the buttons on the watch, it’ll start vibrating again. So I’m guessing the alarm cannot unlock the watch. That would explain why this isn’t a problem with the sleeping tracking as the watch is syncing with the app all the time.

Well, pressing a button to activate the alarm doesn’t work for obvious reasons, so I’d like to ask if anyone as a workaround for this hehe