Alarm Groups & Presets

Hello Urbandroid team! I love your Sleep for Android App and have been a loyal daily user for several years now.
Now, from using the app for so long, i have also found at least one feature that i think the app is missing: Alarm Groups.

An Alarm group feature, and an alarm preset feature would save me so much time and make life easier for so many users who depend on your app alarms to wake up each day and get going!

In my specific case, i have found myself wanting the freedom to snooze a little bit in the morning, whilst also being assured that i wake up at the right time. I fulfill this want, by creating 4 alarms every night for when i wake up. The alarms have varying captcha difficulty levels and different sounds (but each alarm has the same captcha & sound from day to day). My alarms look like this:
• Alarm 1 (T=00:00) No captcha, summer storm audio
• Alarm 2 (T=10:00) Sleeping sheep captcha (easy), Crickets audio
• Alarm 3 (T=15:00) Type-in math, Crickets audio
• Alarm 4 (T=20:00) Type-in math, Crickets audio

My sleep/wake times usually fluctuate with up to 60 minutes depending on what i do throughout the day. I usually don’t have a specific time i need to get up, so for that reason i create my alarms before i sleep based on the amount of time i want to sleep. so usually 8 hours exactly from when i’m creating the alarms. For this reason, having 4 daily and reoccuring alarms is just as big of a pain as creating ones from scratch, as i have to change the alarm time on each one of them either away (with the current system)

To fix my issues i propose the following solutions:
Allowing users to create individual alarm presets, saving all the alarm settings, but NOT the time (maybe make that optional). This way, users can tap on the alarm preset they’ve saved depending on what alarm they want to create - then they just adjust/put in the time that the newly created alarm from the preset should go off, and then everything works!

Allowing users to create Alarm Groups. Basically just a group of alarm presets, but instead of the user having to adjust every alarms go-off-time, the alarms in the group are in a pre-set timely order. An example would be my alarms, consisting of alarm1=T00:00, a2=T10:00, a3=T15:00, a4=T20:00. The alarm group is then set to “start” at whatever point in time the user wants. This is where T00:00 alarm goes off. Then the rest follow in their timely order. Additionally, you could make it repeatable at a certain time each day (so the user can both choose to change the group-alarm start time each day when “creating a new group alarm from the group alarm preset” and just have one/several group alarms that start whenever.)

Sorry for the messy writing, i’m european and was short on time :wink: I hope you will consider adding this feature in a future update. If you already have a solution for this though, i’d love to know! It would make using the app a ton easier!

Thanks in advance for reading, and thanks for your awesome app!