Alarm does not vibrate WearOs watch when in bedtime mode

When my watch is set to bedtime mode, none of the alarms for Sleep as Android vibrate the watch, even though opening the watch will show that the alarm is going off, the watch sleep tracking is working, and the phone will vibrate since I have it set to vibrate both. This is specific to bedtime mode it seems, maybe priority issues? When bedtime mode is off, the watch will vibrate with alarms. A temporary workaround is to put the watch into theatre mode (turns off screen and screen wake gestures), and turn on do not disturb, but the alarms should be able to come through in bedtime mode. This is on google pixel watch and Sleep as Android version 20220830


Iā€™m having the same issue with my Pixel Watch. I have the app set to vibrate on the watch from start, and to only sound the alarm after a minute. Neither happens. I can snooze and dismiss the alarm from the watch, but only after the alarm sounding from the phone has woken me.

(Sleep also seems to be generating duplicate entries in Fit, with only one showing full HR data, but on that count I suspect Health Connect shenanigans. Going to toggle off Fit tonight and see if it shows up in Fit just the once.)