Alarm dismiss Captcha based on reaching Heart Rate

Would be possible, a Captcha for dismissing the alarm that was based on heart rate? My hope/goal of this feature
Would be to wake up and start my exersize routine instead of waking up and wasting time on stupid stuff. I already wear a Polar h10 chest strap to monitor heart rate while I sleep. In my mind, the way the Captcha would work would be something like,
Alarm will dismiss after user’s average HR is above ‘x’ for ‘n’ Seconds.

This would be a big help to me and I would suspect other people would find this helpful as well.

Thanks again for all you do!

if it is possible i would like to write this as a Custom Captcha, but i could not find an example how to access the current HR data. Does anybody know if there is a way to get that or has any pointers how to best achieve it in general?
Thanks in advance!