Alarm / Alert when the battery drops to a critical percentage

It is very important for me that the phone rings when I start the messure at evening. But all those captcha methods doesn’t matter at all, when the battery, drops earlier.

This can happen trough background updates, background tasks and so on…

For this case I suggest to start a big alert ringing when the phone is below than for example 5%. This should be optional but I would need it.

@Something did you notice the Settings > Sleep tracking > Standy option? You can configure the app to stop keeping a wake lock if battery drops below 5% 10% or 20% to preserve battery for the alarm to ring… If you choose 20% it is very unlikely the phone would not make it to ring in the morning IMHO

yes I knew about that feature but:

my battery of my older phone is weak and should probably be replaced but there are also some other situations like many background apps which drops sometime very fast the battery, where I would be happy with that feature…

but the s23 seems to have many automatic tasks which can initiate some event actions like battery safe mode by default… but anyway, it is at least not critical