Alarm after ideal sleep time: Add minimum sleep time

Imagine, that one is able to start work at a time, when he wants to (in Germany it’s called “Gleitzeit”). An alarm after x hours after fell asleep would be a great help to improve sleep quality. This is also a good feature for weekends or days without the need to go to work.

Set a minimum sleep time, e.g. 7 hours 30 mins. SaA should now, after start, wait for the user to fell asleep (sleep/rem detection). Then it should start the countdown. After the countdown is up, it should have a smart period, like it is already implemented, of x minutes, to detect light sleep phase. At the light sleep phase the alarm should ring.

The current implemented “ideal sleep time” does not really help. It’s ok, if you fell asleep right after starting SaA, but who fells asleep this fast? :slight_smile: For me sometimes it takes an hour or longer. The ideal sleep time so gets decremented by this delta, e.g 7h 30m - 60m is not really ideal anymore :sweat_smile: The new minimum sleep time feature could close this gap perfectly.

My sleep pattern is erratic from 1 hour to 11 due to health issues and CFS, I would like to be able to set SAA tracking and an alarm awaken me after 7 hours of rest as usually anymore than that I’m suffering dehydration and pain etc. I can’t set an alarm as I could for lay awake for hours before actually falling asleep, I usually reset SAA to start again after the lullaby stops!! But I would then have to reset any alarms to. Please help this would be invaluable to me. Thankyou ;+)