Adjustments for Sleep Disorders

For those of us with sleep disorders, such as narcolepsy, our sleep stages vary from the average persons patterns. For example, people with RLS end up moving in their sleep and that would correspond differently; narcoleptics go into REM sleep within a matter of 5ish minutes on average which is incredibly different from the average 90 minutes. A lot of polysomnograph are taken because someone suspects a sleep disorder, so I’m assuming there’s a good amount of data available. It would be very helpful for us to be able to more accurately track our sleep. I’d happily test beta if y’all ever decided to work on it (:blush:

I thought I replied to this long ago, hmmm… But yes, definitely seconding this! I’ve got free running non-24-hour Circadian Rhythm Disorder. Both extremely Irregular bedtimes, and irregular sleep amounts. The poor app doesn’t seem to know how to interpret my sleep schedule because it’s so crazy…

Here’s how it tried to rate my attempt at going to bed around 2am:

Looks like I failed extremely successfully! :joy:

And we really need a way to tell it if we, in fact, got ZERO SLEEP on some days. It seems to just interpret blank nights as skipped, rather than a real factor, when calculating my irregularity.

And I’m not even sure that it’s taking it seriously when I put in a manual 5-minute sleep chunk, in an attempt to get the app to realize that I DIDN’T skip that night, it really happened that I didn’t sleep at all, and that should count toward my debt and Irregularity.

I had two nights with zero sleep recently, and a binge-slumber of 12.5 hours in-between, with a couple 4-5.5 hour nights around them.

(Sleepiary used to show my sleep bars since it’s easier to gauge at a glance, 24-hour timebase across the top, hours of sleep listed on the right)

Between both the sleep lengths AND time between them, that should be a LOT more than 155-170 minutes of irregularity for those nights, right?

They underestimate the depth of our suffering. :confused: It would really help me analyze myself, and perhaps give my sleep doctor a more complete picture, if the data treated zero as part of the calculation rather than “disregard”.

I suggest that when we click “Manually add sleep”, on the time entry screen, there’s an additional button for “Did not sleep” that we could press, which would give a “No sleep” thumbnail in the graph for that date, as well as informing the math of an active zero for amount, and a 24+/- hour discrepancy in regularity, rather than treating it like a “skip.”

It might be difficult to figure out how the calculation works, but hopefully it’s possible.

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I second ZaCloud’s request for a “no sleep” option that’s taken into account when calculating sleep debt and irregularity.

I would surmise there are a number of us with non-24 using Sleep as Android - it’s the best sleep app I’ve found, so thanks for that!