Adjust sensitivity AFTER SLEEP to avoid TOO MUCH DEEP SLEEP

Adjust sensitivity (for everything (sonar, accelerometer, wearable, etc.)) AFTER SLEEP.

Sometimes, even when tracking with my wearable (but usually with accelerometer, and mostly with sonar), the deep sleep percent can be more than 90 percent, with many tiny stages of REM. It changes sometimes if I move a lot or a little when falling asleep, or if I wake up and move too much. Sometimes I trim out high movement to make the rest smooth, but it doesn’t always fix it.

I understand this doesn’t happen often, and we might sometimes be wrong in changing it like this, as Sleep as Android is usually accurate. Also, it may be ignored anyway (counted as an error/artifact/one-time-only) when processed on the statistics panel.

Just had a look at the page. Wow, so many requests! Keep up the good work

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Hello Dylan, i you would do a test and delete the high activity phase would that fix the remaining data? Can you please share a menu - report a bug with as - this will also include raw data of last 3 nights and we can investigate what exactly is happening…

Of course we need to use some thresholds and they are vulnerable to this kind of error, also we try hard to normalize for high activity regions but it may happen that if we do not mark some high activity regions as awake and there are is a big disballance in movement in some part of the night vs. other parts it may lead to underestimating the activity phases in the rest of the night…