Adding support to Fitbit Inspire HR

Hello folks,

I wanted to ask if there is any way of adding support to the Fitbit Inspire HR, or are there any technical difficulties prohibiting the adding?

I would highly appreciate the support and would to continue the usage of the sleep as Android app.

Thanks in advance!

Yours sincerely

Elias Schröder

Hello Elias,

unfortunately this device does not provide the required integration options. The device needs to have an API that grants access to adhoc sensor data. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this device does not have such API.

Anyway if there is anyone willing to reverse engineer the BT protocol and do some integration, Sleep as Android has an open API so anyone can integrate any device with Sleep as Android although we do not have the resource to go this way. Please check our doc on our wearable API here:

Currently we have integrated with Android Wear devices, Pebble, Gear, Garmin and a few others. You can watch our current integration progress here: