Add the posibility to select if alarm sound from internal, external/headphones or bluetooth speakers

Please, add the posibility to select from where the alarm sound (or is redirected to) because a want to use bluetooth speakers to wake up with music and it works, but also the alarm (the music) sound from internal speakers and, sadly with some latency (a little difference in time: wich is basically the problem), producing a -very anooying- phase shift that cancel this posibility.

I can do this from almost any other applications, like music player or spotify. for example. In those, if a select blueooth sepeakers or even if I connect headphones, the sound is redirected to them and stop sounding from internal speakers, so I think it will be no difficult to implement.

Thanks you very much in advance!

I like to set Spotify music as alarm to wake mu up. I got the Audio Capture Software to help me do that. It is powerful to save the songs on my phone. As they are in ordinary format so Ican send them to my other apps for my setting as alarm music.

I know there are other options, but I like to use “Sleep As Android” as my alarm clock. The other options included are very comfortable and useful (like the posibility to attach my Xiaomi Band and make it vibe). Just need to silence internal speaker when it’s connected to headphones or a bluetooth sound device. It will allow a much more pleasent sound to wake up.

This is a helpful suggestion. I think this is important to choose the place to ring the alarm. I am a Spotify free user and use Spotify as alarm iPhone and it works pretty well.