Add support for home assistant

Hello everyone, I think adding a home assistant integration could be a great improvement for the app.
You could trigger automations or get triggered by events without having to rely on third party services or apps (ifttt or tasker) and also support a great variety of devices and services (google assistant, Alexa, Philips Hue, and more) in one (big) shot, just because home assistant cares of interfacing with them for you.
This could be the step for hugely integrating sleep as android in a bigger domotic system (I think about making coffee when alarm starts or creating a sunrise effect with a group of lights, playing lullabies on home speakers and so on, sky’s the limit).
Give it a thought, I’m also available to help with development.

This function is now available using this new feature:
[COMPLETE] Webhooks without IFTTT

petapton, hello.

Latest beta version supports MQTT and I had made custom integration for Home Assistant for this way of communication
You may try it.