Add stop on Garmin Smartwatch

I have one urgent feature request for the Garmin Smartwatch app: We really need a possibility to stop the sleep tracking at the watch. Please add a functionality to stop sleep mode on the watch. This could be done with a special geasture or something. I think of pressing very long on the right button or so, after this show a hint to pressing three times in a few seconds on the left button. This would prevent a false stop (e.g. if you lie on your watch).

Also there is a little “bug”: I’m not able to start the sleep from my Smartphone. If I do so, there is an “IQ!” logo shown on the watch, following a question after some time to launch sleep. But nothing happens. If I click on yes, it asks again (loop). Starting from the Smartphone works good.

Thank you :slight_smile:

@Developer - I have a Forerunner 235 and I am able to start and stop tracking from the watch itself. I’ll admit it is a bit buggy but it ~does~ give the option to stop sleep at the watch itself.