Add sleep to existing graph

Please allow us to ADD sleep to existing graph. We can subtract, but we cannot add directly to a graph. You have to have extra separate graphs instead. I would really like to be able to do this. Thank you for your consideration.


I join your request. That would be very beneficial.

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Thank you. I think it could give you a better visualization of your day, particularly if you work irregular hours, or are sick, etc. And there are “polyphasic” sleepers who seem to naturally sleep in shorter bursts. Also, people with narcolepsy must take a very long nap early in the evening, but they often get up to eat a meal, chat with their insomniac friends (me), or read. And then they go right back to sleep. It’s the only way they can get some slow wave sleep. There should be a way to merge and otherwise edit the daily graph for those who need to see their patterns and show them to their doctors. (Unfortunately my narcoleptic friend is tethered to iOS. She is, though, fascinated by this “home sleep lab” approach because sleep labs can be quite uncomfortable.)

Thank you Sleep As Android! While you’re not actually editing the main graph, it not only displays on the dashboard on one session, but you can add sleep now from within the graph!!! Thank you so much!

I will consider this “solved.”