Add new funcution

From あやぽんず 家政婦 WHITE on 2017/10/09 07:05:02 +0000

The new function that I recommend is the addition of the wake-up confirmation mode and the day’s record and the morning work timer to be done before the start of tracking It is addition of wake-up confirmation mode First I registered the confirmation mode I want to add in advance Record the sound and stop the alarm There is another one It measures the heart rate with the camera and stops the alarm Record the heart rate in the sleep data Next is the record of the first day before the start of tracking It heart rate Measurement and daily meal records For example in the morning fish Day vegetables Night is a simple record like meat and vegetables etc. Not choosing to eat is also a choice Heart rate is recorded in sleep data and sleep of heart rate I will advise change Lastly is the morning work timer It inputs arbitrarily what to do by myself and finishes the work within the designated time and gets a morning time You can manage further and you can reduce your late arrival and miss. And when you are done, press the button written as (next task) and proceed Next you can create morning time by conscious of the time There are many functions Please add

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