Add music for alarms

From Azariah on 2016/07/04 22:45:40 +0000

Add music for a alarm to help go to bed

Copied from original feature request:

Hey, if you are using Tidal, here I’d like to share a tip for you to get Tidal music for alarms. You could use the Tidal Audio Converter to help you change the audio formats of Tidal so that you can use Tidal music as alarms. Hope it helps.

Actually, I also like to use Tidal app to stream music and set the music as alarms for morning call. I got the Tidal Album Downloader from DRmare to save the songs I like. Then I keep them on my phone and set tehm as the calling music. I feel wonderful when Iget the music in my house time.

There are lots of streaming music services for you to find music resource but it is not easy to set streaming music as an alarm. For example, Spotify and Tidal don’t offer their services to most alarm programs. If you want to set Spotify song as alarm, you may need the help of a third-party tool like Spotify Music Converter. So, you can download Spotify music to MP3 and then set Spotify music as an alarm for awaking.

Thanks for your recommendation. I also want to share my method with you. It is a specialized tool called Spotify Music Downloader. This smart tool helps me to download Spotify songs as local MP3 files so that I can set Spotify songs as alarm on my phone and tablet.

If you want to set Spotify as an alarm, one ultimate way is to download Spotify as MP3 local file and then transfer it to your phone. You can change the soundtrack any time as you like. Moreover, by doing so, you can listen to the Spotify songs on any device or player without limit.

I prefer to listen to music from Spotify, but it’s not able to put Spotify music to the alarm app as an alarm ringtone. So I go for the music downloader. After downloading Spotify music as a local file by the Spotify Playlist Converter, it not only can be set as an alarm clock, but also it’s easy to add the music to the platforms that I would like to play on.

What music streaming service do you use? If you’re using Tidal, then have a try with this tool: Tunelf Tidal Music Converter. This is a professional Tidal music downloader with powerful functions. With this tool, you can easily download music from Tidal and save them as local files. Then it’ll be a piece of cake to set your favorite music as an alarm.

Here’s how to set Spotify as a ringtone on Android. You only need three steps to achieve setting Spotify songs to wake you up! :grin:

I’ve tried all the products recommended, and none of them are free. After searching for over two weeks, I finally found a free tool - Sidify Music Converter Free. Two steps to add music for alarm:

  1. Pick and download a song from Spotify as an .mp3 by Sidify Music Converter Free
  2. Transfer the downloaded .mp3 to your phone and set it as the alarm.