Add Fitbit Inspire 3 as a wearable option

The new Fitbit inspire 3 is not available to select under the current Fitbit wearable options, it would be really nice if it was/could be added.

I’d also love to see this. I’m moving from a wear os device to a fitbit inspire 3 and it would be great to keep using this amazing app to track my sleep


The fitbit devices seem pretty accurate in sleep cycle detection reviews.

How does it compare with the sleep as android sleep cycle detection algorithms? Currently using mi band 6 + sleep as android. Wonder it’s worth trying out inspire 3. Or is sleep as android as good?

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Man this would be killer if they added inspire 3 to their compatibility roster

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Hello, sadly, FitBit only allows integration for their Versa, Ionic, and Sense models. So unless they share the API for the other models, there is not much we could do.