Add a threshold setting to the alarm configuration for chores

From Arturo Javier Alejandro Morán Rouzaud on 2017/08/01 23:36:06 +0000

So the school year is starting, and I already made a calendar for my schedule.

However, it would be helpful to be able to set a constant that makes an alarm go back in time by a certain threshold so the automatic calendar appointment alarm can also give me time to prepare for the day.


School is at about 3 km from current location, first class starts at 7:00AM.
After confirming the alarm the previous night, ask for an anticipation threshold or use the one already set up, with the option to use an average from previous occasions.

Considering Google’s data on traffic, if alarm is at 6:30AM, with a constant of 15 minutes and the estimated time of arrival is at 6:55AM, set the alarm back automatically by 20-30 minutes, adjusting depending on deep sleep cycles, thus making the alarm go off around 6:00AM to 6:15AM.

This I think would help immensely with automated alarm scheduling.

Copied from original feature request: