Add a meds reminder before sleep


As many people, I have to take some meds just before sleeping.

And as many people I often forget it :confused:

So, I would like to have a new feature to remind my little brain I have to take my medic when I start Sleep As Android.

Thanks !

Hello Christoph, you mean something else than an alarm with the meds label? Personally I think it is better to use the calendar for this kind of use-cases, as you can define repeats very precisely etc…

Thanks for your reply Petr,

Yes it’s what I mean. My problem is I never going to sleep as the same hour, so It’s more practical for me to have a reminder just when I start Sleep As Android.

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I’d personally use this feature aswell both for before bedtime and after getting up. Something like a check list for meds that shows x amount of time before or after a bedtime or alarm. It would be convenient as whenever we offset our alarm our bedtime changes aswell meaning 2 external reminders for meds need to be changed for time both before and after being reminded.