Add a meds reminder before sleep


As many people, I have to take some meds just before sleeping.

And as many people I often forget it :confused:

So, I would like to have a new feature to remind my little brain I have to take my medic when I start Sleep As Android.

Thanks !

Hello Christoph, you mean something else than an alarm with the meds label? Personally I think it is better to use the calendar for this kind of use-cases, as you can define repeats very precisely etc…

Thanks for your reply Petr,

Yes it’s what I mean. My problem is I never going to sleep as the same hour, so It’s more practical for me to have a reminder just when I start Sleep As Android.

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I’d personally use this feature aswell both for before bedtime and after getting up. Something like a check list for meds that shows x amount of time before or after a bedtime or alarm. It would be convenient as whenever we offset our alarm our bedtime changes aswell meaning 2 external reminders for meds need to be changed for time both before and after being reminded.

I would definitely use this function. Using the calendar just won’t do as I go to sleep at a different time every day.

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Intriguing request! I have other reminders, but they are the same time even when I change the alarm. Perhaps an ITFTT routine?

That would be one more step up from my Alexa post alarm routine, which fires at an exact time. Again, if I forget to change the time, then the next day it will fire at 6:30 AM, when I don’t want it too. So, I think ITFTT, through Webhooks, can do that. It’s not easy, because sometimes it’s difficult to create the routine, but it’s definitely doable. Perhaps SaA could provide more “example” Webhooks recipes that we could just use? And alarm events could be a top priority?