Add a "0 sleep" day or DO count if empty, Show time elapsed without sleep in stats to avoid or fix Sleep Deprivation wich is a big issue

From Tatyana Navatyva on 2016/10/17 15:10:44 +0000

(I saw another suggestion, you mention adding a 5 minutes workaround, I already do this (1 ‘) but it DOES mess with stats!) I have a very irregular sleeping time schedule, and it but be nice to be able to see the times between sleeps periods.
That workaround mess everything, why don allow to add 0’ until you find a way to add “I did not sleep this day” kind of entry. When you pull an all nighter (due to work, insomnia, party, etc), that day gets empty and it does not count toward your sleep deficit seems like the app does not count that day at all wich I really don’t understand it killls the point of tracking deficit! maybe you forgot to track your sleep but can enter it manually later, but why if there is no sleep in a day doesn’t get into account is beyond me - I manage to do it by adding a random sleep with a 1’ as I said, wich is not optimal at all-- Yep, some people do not sleep for 24hrs - in fact, a lot, hello imsomnia This does count, and it’s reallly important specially when it happens from time to time… you may want to be able to see those stats, because is called sleep deprivation and it is a big issue! - wich leaves to another thing I find worsen this (besides that I don’t get the logic) when you finally go to sleep after a long period of time it is is before the cutoff time, it gets counted …as another day withoud sleed wien in fact you DID sleep that day - I understand regular sleeping people have no trouble with this, they go to bed early wake up and then it show the amount REST you had for that day (because actually, sleep started the day before!) – well that seems OK for everyone with a regular schedule. - But for us on the other side, please allow an option to take in account that sleep on the day that it actually started (example, sometimes I sleep at 8PM and wake up at 4AM it completely ignores that half of sleep what from another day, so that day gets messed too - varying a cutoff time could work, but only it werent’ applied to all days, just that specific day. Hope I make some sense, English is not my first language, it’s hard to explain technical stuff even more. Hope you consider this. there is another suggestion mentioning this with even more detail : ----------- there you mention “the work around” - it is a suggestion made recently but got ignored… Thanks in afvance!

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