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Sleep Achievements are reward badges for your accomplishments and milestones, representing your progress. They give you something to strive for. You can collect them all, and share your accomplishments with your friends.

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I’ve used this app for over 10 years, it’s kind of insulting that you’ve now added achievements to gameify the app.

Hello @maloki, many thanks for your feedback. Why do you think it is insulting? Achievements are primarily means for new users to discover all the rich offering of the app’s features. If you are a 10 year user of the app you have probably discovered all of it and achievements do not bring much of a benefit for you. In this case there isn’t IMHO anything easier that just swiping the Achievement card from your Dashboard and never see it again!

It’s ableist to treat sleep like a competition. And it’s centring the app - making it about “discovering” its features, rather than helping people by providing a service.
Sleep is a struggle for a lot of folks and making it into a game is literally disappearing them from use of your app.

I’ve always recommend the app because it hadn’t given into this kind of bullshit, and because of that long track record, I didn’t think it would be. You’ve often left us the choice to add stuff with add-ons instead of it being built in. And this definitely seems like the add-on territory instead of built in.


I think it’s great. People getting vexed over something that is positive is bizarre.

I totally disagree with your incoherent rambling. The app is being constantly improved and if you don’t like the new functionality, don’t use it. Some people will like the addition of badges to help them strive to improve their sleep.

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People like to be angry about everything these days.

Thanks for expressing your viewpoint so clearly: it’s really helped me understand why I feel uncomfortable with the achievements.

I will be removing them from my home screen but I don’t believe there’s a way to remove them from the app entirely. This feature should’ve been opt-in, not opt-out.

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Been using the app for 9 years and I do feel like it’s a bit of a tacky addition. It might seem like a silly suggestions but changing the wording from “achievements” to something like “milestone goals” is perhaps a healthier way to frame them?

And there should probably be a complete opt out for those who don’t want anything like this

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I kinda disagree with you on this matter. Simply due to the fact that if you don’t like the feature why aren’t you mad at the fact that different countries stats are on display? Isn’t that a problem? I also disagree with another point you made about how users are leaving the app due to this change. What is your proof of this other then your friends and family that IMHO will just agree with you because they know better then to start and argument over such an insignificant thing. Especially since it can be disabled. You are not being forced to use it. So I am lead to believe that either you don’t like games or are just afraid of change. Life would be better for everyone if you just were a little bit more open minded. This is just my own opinion. Just like you have yours. Just don’t try to force others to live life by your standards.

Hello, many thanks to all of you for your feedback on this. So far we did not see any negative feedback on Achievements other than those on this thread. But definitely many thanks for your opinion on this as we will make sure to keep this in mind whenever we design new features in the app.

Also we do not see any outflow of users, on the contrary the user base did increase quite a lot in January. And honestly one of the biggest issues with the app is the steep learning curve for new users and we really hope Achievements will make it easier especially for new users to learn all the different features in the app in a little more attractive way than a simple checklist or on-boarding tutorial.

Still we definitely do not want to make Sleep as Android into the Duolingo of Sleep :)… and we do not plan any further gamification elements in the near future. Achievements are really just mean to make the on boarding process more seamless and for any experience users it is just one slide away to completely get rid of it.

Instead for the next release we focus on redesign on the graph detail screen and the morning screen to better separate edit features from the detailed view, explain more about the charts on screen without needing to go to documentation and making those screens more customizable for power users e.g.: allow to pin cards to top or slide cards away on the sleep’s detail as well as morning screen for a more customized experience…