Accuracy of Sonar sleep

Can you tell me how accurate is your Sonar based sleep tracking? Have you measured it against something like PSG and any paper that you have published? Would be great to know that.

Hello, the app uses the same method for evaluating movement data.
The results were compared to PSG (, and the algorithms for sleep phases estimations were trained on sets with SleepLab results.

Here are some of the studies evaluating sonar technoglogy for sleep monitoring:

The crucial aspect for accurate sleep monitoring with sonar is good sonar signal and distance between you and the phone. If you feel your phone is giving you strange sonar data, try different position of the phone, and lower the distance. You can also try a different frequency in Settings > Sleep tracking > Test sensor (from the drop down menu list).

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IME Sonar accuracy is exceedingly variable. It might get good results one day, and the next one I have to spend entirely too much time fixing the data manually based on my recollection.

I used Sonar for many months after my last band died.

Ultimately I gave up using sleep tracking altogether, until I get another device, as it was a crapshoot as well as using more power than I felt comfortable with.