Accidently deleted chart

I had woken up, pressed stop and save, rated and tagged my sleep. I went to compare it to the night before and now I cant see the chart.
I don’t know what’s happened to last nights, I was looking at it, it had definitely saved and now its not in the list.
Is it that easy to delete them eithout even knowing you’ve done it??? How do I retrieve it if I have deleted it?

Hello, for deleting a chart you always see a snakbar with the Undo option at the bottom of the screen… even if you miss it there is a long press on any graph - Undo option in the menu…

Thank you for your reply but I can’t see an undo option.
If I click the menu there’s no undo option. When I click Graphs it’s not there either. Sorry but I can’t find it, can you be more specific.

Hello you will find the undo option after you delete a chart but it is only kept through out the current session of the app. if you stop using the app, next time you start it Undo won’t be there anymore…

You can see how this works:

  • use the (+) button on the graph list to create a new test record…
  • delete it
  • you will see the undo option in the snackbar at the bottom of the screen…
  • after it vanishes you can still use long press on any graph - undo (delete)

I wish you had said that it was only kept in the current session in your first post as I’ve now shut the app and lost it which is very disappointing especially as I didn’t purposely delete it.
So I followed your instructions and I’m afraid I didnt see an undo option on a snakbar at the bottom of the screen but the long hold on a graph did work. Im still disappointed with this though because the graph was right there, i rated and tagged it and then it was gone. Its too easy to delete it.

Hello Sarah,

sorry about that. I understand how disappointing it is. But at the moment nobody did report missing graphs without using the delete option. We did also not experience this. So hard to say how this did happened. If you use menu - report a bug we can see when the graph was delete and what action caused it…