Accelerometer too sensitive / not sensitive enough

I have auto-detect sleep on and I use the moon button to give hints.

I need to be able to track daytime sleep. Right now Notify and Fit is the only app that does this.

SaA is either too sensitive or not sensitive enough. It gives false positives at a very alarming rate. I would think that it should be possible to make it so that it is either not as/or more sensitive to wrist movements (since N & F can use the data to do this, and you are integrated).

I think that maybe users could select how sensitive they want the app to be to wrist movement so there are less false readings.

I would think that if N & F can detect when my wrist moves flipping kindle pages or texting, then SaA could do it to…I watch the accelerometer graph change when I run it in Test mode and perform these activities and those like scratching my nose, touching my face or body part, writing a text…it seems like SaA ignores the repeating smaller motions.

Daytime sleep tracking is a feature that many people are looking for, and N&F (a partner app gets it mostly right, well waaay more than SaA).

The medical comunity is starting to look at home based sleep trackers as a more affordable alternative to the two medical actigraphy devices (that use movement only, not a combo of movement and HR drop like SaA and N&F.

It is a highly sought after feature, hopefully you can pull it off.