Accelerometer movement index instead of raw data

Dear SAA team, I have custom wearable which sends just movement index (value from 0 to 255) instead of raw accelerometer data (x, y, z acceleration).
Can I send this movement index to SAA instead of current_max_raw_data in this formula without doing any calculations?
on_sensor_change() {

  x = sensor.x;
  y = sensor.y;
  z = sensor.z;

  max_raw = sqrt((x * x) + (y * y) + (z * z));
  if (max_raw > current_max_raw_data) {
current_max_raw_data = max_raw;

  lastX = x;
  lastY = y;
  lastZ = z;

Or if it’s not suitable to send movement index, what conversion do I have to apply to this movement index before sending it to SAA app as Movement data?