Ability to Stop sleep tracking from Wear OS companion app

It appears that at some point in the past, possibly on Android Wear 1.x, the companion Sleep Tracking app had the ability to start and stop sleep tracking. As far as I can tell, the Sleep Tracking app that I use in Wear OS 2.x on my Fossil Sport and Skagen Falster 2 can only start sleep tracking.

This request is to add the feature to stop sleep tracking from the Sleep Tracking companion app available on Wear OS 2.x. I would suggest it function as follows as a minimum viable implementation:

  • If sleep tracking is not active in Sleep as Android on the phone, opening the Sleep Tracking companion app causes it to start (as it does at the time of this request).
  • If sleep tracking is active in Sleep as Android on the phone, opening the Sleep Tracking companion app causes it to stop (not pause, but fully stop).

Beyond that some sort of UI allowing for pausing and rating sleep from the Wear OS 2.x device along with two separate complications/actions that could be mapped to differing physical hardware buttons for start and stop respectively would be great.

However, that would all just be a cherry on top. I just want to be able to stop sleep tracking without having to grab my phone. I desperately miss that feature from my Up24 before Jawbone went belly up.

I actually haven’t used Sleep as Android on my Wear OS watch for around a month so don’t know if it has been updated to remove this, but i could certainly stop tracking. From the clock face, I would swipe up and it would give me the option to stop sleep tracking. I can’t recall if there was a pause button too…

As soon as I open the Wear OS app on either of my watches, it displays a moon scene and says “Starting…” Typically within one second, Sleep as Android on my phone starts and a check mark displays on my watch. Even when I am quick and attempt to tap or swipe the Wear OS app, nothing happens. Upon opening it again, it does the same thing, attempts to start sleep tracking, even though it is already running on my phone.

Hello, sorry for I have missed this thread, but after the sleep tracking service is started on Wear OS it creates an on going notification on the watch which allows you to control your sleep tracking with actions for pause / resume and stop (if you do not see this notification, please double check that the SleepWear app is not blocked in the Wear OS app on your phone)… alarm works the same way… it shows a notification with actions for snooze and dismiss…

I’ll be damned. Right you are. There it is. That is what I deserve for being so stingy with what notifications I allow on my Wear OS watches.

Is this documented anywhere? I swear I searched that documentation thoroughly and did not see a mention of this functionality. If it is not there, would it be possible to get it added?