Ability to start or set alarm from a wearable (i.e. add to command from watch)

Not sure if it’s missing from the docs, but Something I’d like to be able to do from a wearable is to be able to configure sleep as android when I’m in bed and phone far from me.

You know, when you just got into the bed, and maybe your phone is few steps away and you forgot to change/adjust the alarm…

So, would be really nice if SaA would provide an API to make possible for a wearable to configure the current alarm (if started), and if allowed by the wearable to even start it if you forgot.

Not all the companion apps for wearables support launching Sleep as Android when invoked from the wearable, but some can. While in other cases the sleep as android wearable daemon can just stay always running in sleep mode, so that once the wearable-app connects it can also set or change the alarm.