Ability to set or change location after sleep is recorded

I was wondering how to change the location the app tags my sleep with. I travel alot and would like the ability to say where I sleep. I’ve had the app say I was sleeping in the forest when I was clearly in my house.


i should add this isn’t the #geo tag, either. this i think would also be interesting to track over time for people that travel alot in chronotype adjustments.

Hello Anish,
you can create your own tags in the graph editor (just type the “#text” in the comment bar at the bottom, where the automatically added tags are).
This will help you sort the graphs and review the influence of location or environment on the quality of your sleep (in Charts -> Tags)
The tags you create are added to the list of the available tags, so you do not have to type them each time.

i understand that, but i often forget to do that. i also noticed that if i dont change the timezone of my phone, that the uploaded data doesn’t reflect the actual timezone i was in. ie i was in California which is the pacific timezone, and didn’t change the tz on my phone. all the data upload says i was on the east coast… and over time geoX becomes meaning less