Ability to look at trends for specific tags

I am trying to use trends to determine differences in my sleep quality across different conditions (with partner or alone, in different beds, etc.). I use tags to track those conditions, but when I go to trends, I don’t seem to be able to choose which tags to include. I want to be able to select specific tags (#solo and #partner) and see a head-to-head comparison of the stats for nights with those tags. Ideally this would show all the stats (duration, deep sleep, efficiency, etc.) in one chart, and there would be an option to view it as a table or a histogram, but even what is there now with the ability to choose which tags to include would be a huge improvement!

It would also be helpful to be able to select a tag and the absence of that tag for these head-to-head comparisons. I have seen other users call this an “anti-tag.” This would allow comparison of days when a tag was used against days it wasn’t used, as opposed to having to tag every day with, for instance, #caffeine or #nocaffeine.


Hello @Emma many thanks for this feature request. I think this would be very interesting. At the moment you can filter your data for a tag and than see how that affected your averages etc… you can see that in the stats screen as well as charts… But what you do not see at the moment is comparison of tag and without on one chart… I’m adding this to our TODO…

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