Ability to edit sleep graph before submitting / finalising

I would like to be able to edit my sleep graph before I submit my record.
As it is I have to rate my sleep, then press the tick :white_check_mark: to finalise it, then go back in and remove the times when I was awake in the night. This means when I initially submit my sleep record (by pressing the tick :white_check_mark: ) it syncs immediately with my fitness app, before missed sleep is removed. When I go back in and update the sleep record to reflect that I was acutally awake reading for two hours (which doesn’t get picked up by the app automatically because I don’t fidget enough) it is too late for my fitness app, as it has already synced, so it therefore thinks I had 8 hours sleep instead of 6!

I would also like to add awake periods or elongate them when misreported as being asleep or instantly going back to sleep