Ability to chose which BT heartrate source

I have a problem that when I start Sleep and have a heartrate chestband on, the Xingzhe HRMPro. Sleep, when trying to connect, tries also to connect to my wristband. The wrist band is a fake “MiBand 3” clone. The wristband wasn’t able to connect to any BT programs besides its dedicated app. Sleep will show the wristband idnumber a few blinks, and shows Xingzhe HRMPro a few blinks, and repeat, but doesn’t settle down on either. I have wrapped my wristband in Al foil as a (annoying but works) way to stop the confusion. Then Sleep just sees the Xingzhe HRMPro and connects nicely.

I propose is that there should be a way to chose which HRM to connect to.

I’ve seen that Sleep has been implementing ways to eliminate disturbance from the partners movements in the same bed. I would think that there would be corresponding confusion if both have HRM. So this feature would be valuable even in that case.