A number of (4) questions

  1. When exactly are you supposed to start tracking? Usually I try to start it when I commit to going to sleep, and pause tracking for 10 minutes or so.
  2. Do you need to go through all those steps to prevent the app from being killed for any wearable apps too?
  3. How does the “using phone” awake detection work? Asking because it hasn’t worked for me before yet.
  4. How do you prevent your phone from falling off the bed? Last night it fell off a pretty big bed, and it wasn’t close to the edge when I went to sleep. Should I install a sleep camera or something?


  1. You should start sleep tracking when you go to the bed. Or you can use automatic tracking start.

  2. The apps on the wearable are usually not killed. But the addon, or Bluetooth can be killed, which will result in the lost communication between the wearable and the main app.

  3. Awake when using phone uses screen-on time, detecting the tilt of the phone, and accelerometer (when you hold your phone, there is some"micro-shaking" even when you try to hold it still). The levels

  4. This depends on how much you toss around, so how much you will move the phone in the bed. I am not sure if anyone ever reported the phone falling off the bed - maybe put it closer to your body, and not close to your legs? Where was it approximately? Are both sides of the bed open (no wall)?

Or you can use the sonar (contact-less tracking), or a compatible wearable.

Thanks for answering those questions, I had them for a while.

Both sides were open. Here’s an illustration:

If I can get wearable tracking working I might end up using that though.