A Dedicated Sleep As Android Wearable

From Robin Markowitz on 2015/06/15 01:08:42 +0000

Now that S.A.A. connects to Google Fit (and is thus connected fitness sites like the great new UA Record), how about a dedicated wearable designed for your software? You could also have it connect directly to the UA Record and other connected fitness sites.

I am female (small wrist), personally hate wearing a watch or anything on my wrist (I wear an old-fashioned Swiss Railroad pocketwatch in meetings or any work situation), and have a firm tempurpedic mattress. (I am constantly fiddling with workarounds for that, and still am.) Wearing a watch during the DAY is unpleasant, much less at night. But a special sleep wearable for your app would be awesome!

I can always get a cheap step counter, but I mainly want a wearable for the sleep tracking. Basis is a big ole man’s watch, doesn’t connect to Lollipop, and has its own sleep system. I hear it’s good, but so is S.A.A.

Right now, I use my old Note 2 phone in a case that has a curved clip, which rocks back and forth like a teeter-totter under my head. I clip it under my pillow, right under my head and right near my shoulder. It SHOULD give me good readings, but I am getting over 75% deep sleep regularly - not always, but it’s not optimal unless I really sleep really deep. (I do use special deep sleep sounds downloaded from amazon inside my bedside Sleep Now! app, and it may be putting me into very deep sleep. It runs all night until Gentle Alarm wakes me.)

Sleep As Android appears extremely accurate as I also keep a live sleep diary with Sleepmeter. It gets it right! But there probably is too much deep sleep.

I have tried almost everything but getting a watch. There is no way I could sleep with 5.7 inch phone both strapped to my arm AND plugged in! That is NOT an option. It’s right next to my shoulder and arm - and it’s practically attached to my head!

Perhaps clip it on TOP of the pillow? That phone is a tough old bird and the case is rugged. Maybe I should make sure the screen isn’t covered by the case? The clip part can cover the screen for protection, but I can reverse that.

Oh, it’s also an old tempurpedic pillow but a softened-up cervical pillow - it moves easily and feels very soft. Perhaps a different pillow?

All that said, if YOU made a sleep wearable for YOUR app, with a soft band for sleep, that would be awesome!

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