A capture or barcode for extra snooze time

I would like to be able to have a special barcode that allows me to have more snooze time when the time I configured was used up.
I tend to tap on snooze without waking up really, Wich is why I really enjoy the capture scanning in order to turn of the alarm. Once I scan I am usually awake enough to properly evaluate if I have to get up now or stay in bed for a little longer beging able to scan a special code instead that allows me to extend the allowed snooze time by a configurable amount would be great for these situations.

Alternatively I think the same could be done by a capture that automatically starts a predefined nap

If you go into settings -> alarms -> snooze, you can choose snooze lengths. Also, when alarm comes up below the big green snooze button (I don’t have anything like Captcha or puzzles or anything else set up) there are other snooze length options available for that next interval.