20220830 reduces display density to unhealthy levels IMO

After installing 20220830 I noticed display density has been reduced further with swaths of blank space in the menu, and both the Alarms screen and more importantly the Stats screen.

Despite having a 1440x3120 6.7" screen, I can barely see the stats from the current day and the day before, now. Literally, yesterday’s data is only partly visible.

Of course, this is partly a matter of tastes, as well as eyesight; personally, though, I do feel this last revision has taken things way too far.

I couldn’t find any option to restore the display to the previous display density.

Would you be willing to consider offering an alternative density setting for folks who would rather have more information displayed at the same time, similar to what was available previously?


I support this request. The new layout when for example, setting an alarm has way too much unnecessary empty space compared to the last version. It is at a point where I consider to change my app and where I cannot recommend this app, considering that more of these changes could/will come. Feels like a new kind of doomscrolling…