Telling Google Home good night should start sleep tracking


From Nafallo Bjälevik on 2016/12/11 23:54:43 +0000

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Copied from original feature request:


From Petr Nálevka on 2017/09/15 09:27:24 +0000

+Robin, shortcuts won't work :(… with shortcuts you can only substitute long commands to short… but "Start sleep tracking" was supported in Google Now Voice Actions and is no more supported in Google Assistent which completely dropped support for on device actions for whatever reason only Google understands…


From Robin on 2017/09/14 14:58:15 +0000

Hey Petr,
Thank You for Your reply!

That's kind of sad.

But what the Google Assistant does support are "shortcuts" (at least that's the translation from german…). So I can tell the assistant:

If I say "good night" the assistant should "start sleep tracking".

I tried this one out, but it didn't work yet. So maybe that's because my phone is german and the german command would be "Schlafmessung starten"?



From Anonymous on 2017/09/09 00:01:21 +0000

It does unfortunately not work with Google Assistant, which would be quite awesome. I don't know how difficult that would be to implement but that would be REALLY comfortable to have.


From Ashvin Vijayakumar on 2017/07/09 05:42:38 +0000

Needs to be through Google Assistant


From Thomas Schindele on 2017/05/01 17:31:57 +0000

And Alexa?


From Petr Nálevka on 2017/03/15 16:48:23 +0000

I did not test on Google Home, but we had previously Now integration so basically telling Google Now "Start sleep tracking with Sleep" will start sleep tracking, also we support the standard start workout fitness intent and on Android Wear you can use "Start sleep tracking"…


From Zach on 2017/03/15 15:32:47 +0000

And/Or Google Assistant


From Gergely Pongrácz on 2017/02/21 10:40:54 +0000

Use the tasker app!


I made an ifttt applet so that if I tell Google assistant / Google home to start sleep tracking, it’ll send a pushover notification (lowest priority so I don’t hear or see it) with a specific title (IFTTT_START_SLEEP_TRACKING… I know, it’s not very creative…) to my phone. Then I have a Tasker profile to trigger from that and it will start sleep tracking. It works surprisingly well considering how it’s Google > ifttt > pushover > Tasker > sleep as Android. It’s nearly instantaneous.

Autostart sleep tracking

Sven_Haaijman: I would love to do that. I’m a new user to ifttt and never used pushover or tasker. Do you have any suggestions to get started? I’d love to recreate what you’ve done.