No data? Red line throughout the night



What causes the red line? I assume it mean no data was transmitted from watch to phone.

My phone is a OnePlus 5 and my watch Samsung Gear S3. My phone is charging during the night.

I have excluded the following apps from battery optimization on the phone:

  • Galaxy Wearable
  • Gear S Plugin
  • Samsung Accessory Service
  • Samsung Health
  • Sleep as Android
  • Sleep as Android Gear Companion

Thankful for any suggestion to fix this.
I has happened twice now.


Hi, please see
In short, this would probably still be some battery optimization on the phone, OnePlus (and 5 specifically) is very hardcore in this matter…


Thanks for the reply.

Those options are already disabled. It happened tonight again.

However, this time I remembered it looked different on the lockscreen (when I get up to dismiss and solve a puzzle). Note, I did not take a screenshot but how I have manipulated the image is what I remembered it as.

I have sent logs (app and wearable) though the app.


It happened again. The lock screen shows something, and in the app something else of the graph.

The lockscreen:

In the app:

Bug and wearable have been sent through the app.


It keeps happening :worried:
(On lock screen)

(In the app)

Why, somehow for a few minutes around 08:00 data exists (tiny green line), then it dies again, why?
I keep sending the error logs through the app, but it feels like I’m ignored.

Is it with the mobile app something is wrong or the companion app on the watch?
Does the mobile app stop pulling data or does the companion app stop sending?
Is mobile app and companion app communicating through Bluetooth or Wifi?