Integrate with Nokia Steel HR


From Vilius Zabulionis on 2018/01/12 02:13:35 +0000

Nokia provides API to integrate with their wearables, including HR monitor watch Steel HR.
It would be great if Sleep as Android could use sensor data from this watch as well as control the alarm.

Copied from original feature request:


From Markus Johansson on 2018/01/13 12:31:39 +0000

This would be fantastic! Really hope they can do it.


I approve. Nokia Steel owner here. I’d really love to use my watch with Sleep as Android. Right now, I’m getting sleep stats at two different places (the Nokia Health Mate app and Sleep as Android), which is a bit of a hassle.

Would love to see both work together!


Approved also. Just bought steel yesterday and would love to see integration with sleep as droid too.


I agree this would be great, but the API that Nokia provides is not a realtime API to the watch, so it’s not useful for Sleep as Android’s purposes.
Unfortunately most of the smartwatch manufacturers are going this route nowadays…


I absolutely love the design of the Nokia Steel HR but the fact it won’t be supported by the Sleep as Android really makes me hestitant to even buy it. I was wondering are there any other ways to make this work with the watch as the API’s provided by Nokia are simple REST API’s? I’m guessing polling would be a to high cost sollution ?