Delay Activation Time



I am using the lucid dream feature…

However I don’t want the cue to run every time it signals I am in rem…

I want to put an interval time such as from 6:00 to 7:00 to start detecting if I am in rem and then if I am to run the cue…

But I see that one can at most do 60 minutes delay…

What can I do to let it play at a much later time??

Thanks in advance.


No one? too bad then there is no need for me to buy this app.


Well, there are several others, including me, who have asked for this feature, but sofar without responses from the developers. If you want to check past posts, just search on ‘lucid’ or/and my screenname.

If you are technical and can do a little bit of very simple ‘programming’, you can use the Tasker (or similar) app to start Sleep as Android’s sleep-tracking after some delay or after a fixed time. See the SaA documentation on Tasker integration.

For what it’s worth, I’ve stopped with SaA’s Lucid cues, because there are too many and - in my experience/opinion - SaA’s ~REM detection is unreliable, i.e. it does not (seem to) match my real REM stages.


Thank you very much! very helpful :slight_smile: