Advice that isn't advisable


Not sure if this is technically a bug but the advice page provides insights that I don’t think I should follow. For example, “to maximize deep sleep your duration should ideally be 4:41.” I have my goal set to 7 hours. It would be more helpful if it said “with your goal being __ hours, you’ve had the best deep sleep % when _____ occurs.” Additionally, my average bedtime is around midnight and so the advice of going to bed at 3am is also unhelpful.


This state has been achieved by us trying to really dodge any hints of providing any medical advice by a far far far.

What we are doing here is just being really a statistic provider and letting you draw your conclusions. I understand that the values you see look really weird, however that’s just because we have seen a similar pattern in your past data - that e.g. when you went to sleep around 3 AM, your deep sleep % was the biggest in your data.
You may not have enough data for this model to be meaningful however (in which case of course we shouldn’t really display these advices).

However it’s a very good point that we should take your goal into the equation.