Standalone app for AW2.0

From Paolo on 2017/12/05 20:38:47 +0000

I was wondering if you had on mind the idea of making this beautiful app running without the phone, only on the watch. Plus, why don’t put the compatibility for Huawei app Health?

Copied from original feature request:

From Tomasz Lipert on 2018/01/10 09:36:13 +0000

It would be great. Based on my limited testing, bluetooth connection drains battery more than HRM or accelerometer, so standalone app can help here. Or, as an alternative, could the watch app cache the data and synchronize it in the morning?

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That would be awesome !

We have yet to try this more extensively, but actually the watch app does cache data throughout the night and could send them in the morning. Anyone up to try it? :slight_smile: