Sonar chirping recored during sleep

I believe this is an old one: I’m using a Galaxy S8+ that is reported as “supported” in the Sonar device list, but I get the chirping recorded all the night long.

Where am I wrong?

I’m unsing version Beta 20190906

I’m using 20190910 (beta) and I have the same issue. Have been using SAA on my S7 as well as my current S9

I feel like it’s a side effect that isn’t hard to cure

Hello, is the sonar chirping audible when you start tracking, or it only gets recorded?

Only recorded

We have this reported, but it is device specific. Vendors tent to enhance the audio experience apply filters to speakers or mic which break sonar. Lately, we have many reports solely from Samsung devices

Could you please try different frequency? Some phones have troubles with the dynamic one (F18-20), but work well with others. Please, go to Settings -> Sleep tracking -> Test sensor and choose different frequency from the drop down menu list. From our users feedback, seems like the best frequency for Samsung is F18.

If you find the least affected frequency, you could try increasing the recording threshold a bit in Settings -> Sleep noise recording -> Recording volume threshold.

And we have also discovered just few days ago, that this exact issue can be solved by different positioning of the phone - if the bottom of the phone (where mic and speaker are) is not touching any surface, the chirping artefacts are gone. So try to put the phone on a book or something similar with the bottom of the phone over the edge.

Please, let me know, if that helped.

The last thing is interesting and simple: I’ll try at the next occasion.

On my Galaxy S8, switching frequency from F18-20 to F20 (or any other static frequency) solves the sound recording and snore detection, but I cannot get any good sensitivity this way (the records show more than 95% deep sleep, this is not right).

These phones have stereo microphones, can you not only use audio from the other channel when recording? Or this noise is a result of some internal crosstalk, and both channels are equally affected?