QR Scanner - The best apps to scan and generate QR codes in 2022 isn't it?

In today’s life, wherever you go, you will see QR codes everywhere. Scan the code to order food, scan the code to check products information, scan the code to exchange information, and scan the QR code for medical declaration during the COVID epidemic,… QR code has become a new convenient technology to serve many purposes in life. With the appearance of so many QR codes, there are many applications on the market that support barcode scanning. Of course, I’ve also tried quite a few apps because I need to keep up with the trends as well. Today I will introduce to everyone the QR Scanner of VOLIO Mobile. I rate this app quite well, especially in understanding and dividing functions to serve user needs.

In addition to some features of QR Scanne such as QR code scanning, and code generation like other applications on the market, it can also scan multiple barcodes at the same time. After scanning any barcode, VOLIO Mobile’s QR Scanner will display a dialog saying whether this barcode is dangerous or not? Do you want to open this barcode? QR Scanner is protecting users against dangerous links or fake QR codes that will make your phone virus or lose information. The QR code link after I choose to open, the app leads me to a new website right at the app. I can both look up product information, compare prices, and can go back to check other barcodes.

QR Scanner’s ability to scan barcodes is also good. It can automatically focus on the barcode quickly, even in a low-light environment with the help of a flashlight. This application allows users to manipulate zoom in / out, or customize the manual scanning frame or toolbar. I rate the overview of QR Scanner’s barcode scanning features with 10 stars. Everyone can download and try it, anyway, the QR Scanner is completely FREE.

You also can create your QR codes to easily exchange information right at the QR Scanner. Scan one and have your personal information. Fast and reasonable right? The feature that I consider the most useful of this app is the reverse share feature, it sounds strange, here let me take an example. When I want to create a personal QR code for my friends from my contacts, I just press and select the Share button → New QR code is generated right from the phone number I just selected. With this convenience, I can generate a lot of QR codes from data types: URLs; WIFI; email; address; phone number; message; event calendar; map…

Rest assured because the QR codes you just scanned and the generated personal QR codes are always stored in the QR Scanner’s history. You can easily manage the list of QR codes smartly.

I feel quite satisfied with the utility of QR Scanner. I can grasp product information, and events quickly in one scan of the code. Moreover, I can easily exchange information with friends. All operations are encapsulated in this completely free QR Scanner. Quickly download the QR Scanner - click here and catch up with new technology trends.