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Oximeter monitors your oxygen and heart rate levels. You need a compatible device - buy it here.

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Is there a list of compatible BT oximeters like you have for smartwatches? The one offered is kinda bulky and would like more options.


I agree with Jacob. I just bought a Wellue O2Ring oximeter. Its relatively comfortable, but I wish it would integrate with Sleep As Android.

Same here. Frankly, I paid for the app, I’m happy with it and intend to buy an oximeter; but I’m not happy with the option to have “Happy electronics” as only vendor. Won’t buy there.

Please post a list of compatible oximetrers so I can choose the best one for me.


So there are only 2 oximeters that work with sleep as Android? Those 2 models are the wrist type which are not very accurate. Many fitness watches have this feature built in but there are a few finger Bluetooth sensors out there that would be more accurate. Not sure of the accuracy but the wellue and viatom Bluetooth sensors are fairly low priced. May want to add support for those?