Integrate other smart bulbs (LIFX, Milight ...)


+1 for lifx support :slight_smile:


+1 for Yeelight! Hopefully it’s still on the list :wink:


Its a few months late, but hopefully this will still help. The IFTTT integration with Kasa is pretty poor, however I recently discovered stringify has it much better (and is better in general compared to IFTTT). I use tasker to activate the stringify “flow” but the options are much better.


Tossing my vote in for KASA as well.


It is possible to control TP-Link lights/plugs through HTTP request, which can be done directly in IFTTT and Tasker so no 3rd party apps needed.
There’s a guide for plugs, and for lights just change the “requestData” part.
Still, would like to see native integration in SAA.


:heavy_check_mark: Another vote for TP-Link / Kasa!

TP-Link bulbs are very popular because they are in a different class than Phillips Hue, since they don’t require any hubs or anything else to function. Each TP-Link smart bulb has it’s own wifi radio built into it and therefore works completely by itself- without the need of a hub or other components (which Phillip’s Hue and most other makers of smart bulbs need in order to function).

LIFX bulbs are the same type as TP-Link (they each have their own wifi radios and don’t need any hub) but The only difference between them is that LIFX is more expensive, offering “designer” products ranging from bulbs & mini bulbs to dazzling light tiles & light beams; whereas TP-Link is the affordable option, offering only a range of smart bulbs (as far as ‘Smart Lighting’ is concerned… TP-Link also makes a diverse range of other electronic products).

This is why most of the votes here are for LIFX and TP-Link / Kasa, because along with Phillip’s Hue, they are the top 3 most popular & highest quality smart bulb brands available.


Hi all,

I’m actually using Leviton smart dimmer switch through WIFI. No bridge, no pricey bulb to buy:

Those integrate directly with Google Home / Assistant for dimmer value. I can then control it from the physical switch, Leviton App, Google Home App or Google Assistant.

Could the Google Home API be used to integrate all other manufacturers compatible with it? That might enable plethora of other integrations with standard API actions like dimmer control.



I made a video on how to do this! :smiley: Let me know your thoughts


1 more vote for Tasker, especially when it comes to features like jetlag prevention/snoring prevention.

I currently use tasker for the features that are already supported (namely “on sleep” and “on wake” triggers in my case), but would be great to have support for tasker wherever only Philips hues is currently supported - just a trigger we can use would be great.

Thanks for all the help!


C by GE Lights would also be a great add. Since they are so inexpensive and natively sync with Google Home’s via Bluetooth.