[Declined] Sleep as Android for iPhone?

From Radha on 2017/02/06 16:31:02 +0000

I would pay good money to get this app on iPhone, there are no iPhone apps that even come close to competing with all the features that Sleep as Android has. I know some features wouldn’t be available because iPhone has more in-built restrictions than Android, but even simple features like tracking sleep without having to set an alarm, or being able to postpone or skip a regularly scheduled alarm are hard to find in other apps.

Copied from original feature request: http://urbandroid.uservoice.com/forums/264867-sleep-as-android/suggestions/17964412-sleep-as-android-for-iphone

I would love to have that as well. Have one android phone only to use your app.

Same. It would be nice to have an iPhone App.

We are not planning an iOS version of Sleep as Android.

We invested some 9+ years of intensive work into the app and 90% of this is platform specific code. For us, moving to iOS would be an immense effort which we’d rather invest in making the Android version better.
Also the iOS platform is much more restricted and I’m not sure if we would even pass the review process on the AppStore.

We would however partner with an iOS-experienced developer who would want to work on such project. But we did not encounter such person in the past years…

Hey, just wanted to say, that Sleep as Android is the only app I’ve really missed, since I’ve moved to an iPhone.
Simply having your beautiful alarm screen with multiple snooze options and protected stop button and the option to postpone alarms would make it loads better than all other iOS apps.
I’d pay for it once more even without all the integrations or tracking. It’s that good.

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I would definitely support in any way if you guys chose to port to IOS. It’s the one and only thing I miss so much

Ohhhh no! Just bought an iPhone and realized I won’t have sleep as android… I just loved it!!! :disappointed_relieved:

Any suggestions for a decent iPhone app? I miss this app since I switched

I believe Sleep Cycle can be good albeit limited in what it can do, also premium is quite expensive.

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