Feature requests

Add Easer support, open source alt. to IFTTT and Tasker [Feature requests] (1)
Possibility to choose text-to-speech mechanism again [Feature requests] (3)
Add support for Etar Calendar [Feature requests] (1)
Wake-Up information [Feature requests] (1)
Integrate Mobvoi [Integration requests] (1)
Option to change average heart rate timing for awake detection purposes [Feature requests] (1)
Design Update for manual sleep record [Feature requests] (5)
Detect falling asleep after CAPTCHA [Feature requests] (2)
Smart Bedtime rework [Feature requests] (4)
Add Media tech band [Integration requests] (1)
Breath sync through pulsating screen brightness [Feature requests] (3)
Add simple manual sleep tracking function [Feature requests] (1)
Hue sleep light [Feature requests] (2)
Tasker integration on Sleep as a Droid [Feature requests] (3)
Auto tracking with wear os [Integration requests] (1)
Automate set the alarm [Feature requests] (1)
There should NOT be Duplicated Alarms [Feature requests] (2)
Automatically detect if I'm awake with smartwatch [Feature requests] (1)
Change date of recording [Feature requests] (4)
Integration of Honor Band 4 to the supported list [Integration requests] (1)
Smart watch Newwear Q8 [Integration requests] (1)
Disable Do Not Disturb / DND when stopping sleep tracking [Feature requests] (1)
Choose specific Spotify playlist [Feature requests] (4)
How to disable IFTTT for specific alarm [Feature requests] (2)
Add Support to Samsung Galaxy Watch [Feature requests] (1)
SpO2 watch, oCare 100 pro [Integration requests] (2)
Import alarms from Clock apps [Feature requests] (2)
Choose onetime date with alarm [Feature requests] (1)
Hear rate support for LG Urbane 2 (AT&T Version) [Integration requests] (1)
Lucid Dreams function enhancement [Feature requests] (1)
Add our standard cycle time [Feature requests] (1)
Inegration Up move, jawbone [Integration requests] (1)
Turn off Tilt and Touch to Wake [Feature requests] (1)
Request: dismiss alarm with side button (volume, for example) instead of onscreen [Feature requests] (1)
Please auto start tracking when I enable my pre-defined alarm [Feature requests] (1)
Make dream journal easier to get to [Feature requests] (1)
Customisable Nightstand Screen [Feature requests] (1)
IFTTT Customizable Webhook Parameters [Feature requests] (1)
Ability to Customize Colors of Charts and Graphs [Feature requests] (1)
Make navigation bar black [Feature requests] (1)
Edit the saved tags list [Feature requests] (1)
Don't play sonar sounds over Bluetooth [Feature requests] (1)
Mood tracking notification(s) later in the day [Feature requests] (1)
More bedtime warning options (hours) [Feature requests] (1)
Ability to chose which BT heartrate source [Feature requests] (1)
Set a chain of CAPTCHA: stop oversleeping events to stop oversleeping [Feature requests] (1)
Camping icon tag option [Feature requests] (1)
Ring on Network devices [Feature requests] (1)
Google Podcast support [Integration requests] (2)
VO2 Max Data From Garmin Watches [Feature requests] (1)