Feature requests

Improve lucid dreaming and vibration [Feature requests] (7)
Automatically enable Theatre Mode when entering Sleep Tracking mode on Wear devices (this is possible) [Feature requests] (8)
Add support to Honor Band 3 please [Feature requests] (6)
Remove custom and any tags from tag options [Feature requests] (8)
Are you sleep? [Feature requests] (6)
Huawei Band 2 Pro anytime in the future? [Feature requests] (5)
Solar time [Feature requests] (6)
Garmin connect sleep data import [Feature requests] (7)
Fall asleep detection [Feature requests] (6)
Respiratory rate graph [Feature requests] (6)
Support for garmin vivosmart [Feature requests] (5)
Deactivate snooze alarm when stopping sleep tracking [Feature requests] (1)
Integrate Notify & Fitness for Mi Band support into SaA [Feature requests] (3)
How long should I sleep [Feature requests] (6)
Allow more control on vibrations - patterns, gentle [Feature requests] (6)
Alarm for sunset sunrise and dual sleep mode [Feature requests] (9)
Sleep Paralysis Wakeup [Feature requests] (9)
Adaptive anti-snore notification [Feature requests] (5)
Bluetooth support for Garmin activity trackers by creating an app in the Garmin Connect IQ store [Feature requests] (7)
daytime [Feature requests] (8)
Enable lock screen alarm time to show [Feature requests] (3)
Support for resmed s+ app / sensor [Integration requests] (4)
Manually configure locations [Feature requests] (7)
Pebble background tracking [Feature requests] (5)
SleepyHead data import for CPAP integration [Feature requests] (3)
Automatically turn on theater mode on Android Wear watch when sleep tracking [Feature requests] (6)
Sleep debt should be broken into deep sleep debt, REM debt, and overall [Feature requests] (5)
Duolingo Captcha [Feature requests] (9)
Behavior for smart light [Feature requests] (4)
Wake up check [Feature requests] (9)
Sleep tracking needs a "sleep disrupted"-button [Feature requests] (8)
Multiple sleepers [Feature requests] (4)
Smartlight Options [Feature requests] (8)
Compatibility with menstrual cycle tracker/pregnancy tracker [Feature requests] (9)
Add Unrecorded Sleep Time [Feature requests] (8)
Spotify Playlists [Integration requests] (7)
Sleep as Android for iPhone? [Feature requests] (4)
Add support for using on-board heart rate sensor in smartphone watches [Feature requests] (4)
Disable times for bedtime notification [Feature requests] (4)
Smartwatch Records offline [Feature requests] (5)
Improved deep sleep function through bineural beats [Feature requests] (4)
Allow to connect to myfitnesspal and [Feature requests] (7)
Allow calls to ring even in silent profile mode [Feature requests] (5)
Ask Google Home - Assistant "Ok Google, how was my sleep last night?" [Feature requests] (3)
Adjustable vibration intensity in anti snoring settings [Feature requests] (5)
Snooze with Xiaomi Mi Band button [Feature requests] (2)
Customize snooze times [Feature requests] (7)
More complex lullabys [Feature requests] (9)
Backup settings [Feature requests] (6)
Sleep tracking with watch only [Feature requests] (3)