Sleep as android dedicated wearable


Hy guys,
I have been using the Sleep as android app for few years and I really like it that over the course of time you did a lot to improve the app and designed other gadget for it.And mostly because you listened to the users`s suggestions.
How about you do a dedicated wearable Sleep as Android(something like Neuroon Open or Dreem) in which you put sensors for heart rate,HRV,temperature light,vibration and sound cues for lucid dreaming and so on,maybe even EEG sensors and try to produce it with the help of the community trough Kickstarter.You already have a huge community behind you,a lot of sleep data plus all the technical knowledge to do this stuff right.I suppose mass production sometimes,is a pain in the foot but i guess this kind of project could be a huge succes!
All the best and keep up the good work,
Alin Samson